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How to Stop a Runny Nose Fast Naturally


You must be very miserable when suffering from a runny nose, this condition does not just annoy you, but sometimes it appears simultaneously with other symptoms such as sneezing that can make the nose turns red and frustrating.

A runny nose and sneezing come from the natural immune system that works to expel irritants and allergens out of the body. A runny nose caused by the common cold, where cold weather, temperature changes, allergies are some of the main triggers of the common cold.


A runny nose constantly, makes you tired all the time, especially accompanied by sneezing. Therefore, you need to apply natural remedies to get rid of a runny nose.

Home Remedies to Stop a Runny Nose

The perfect ways on how to stop a runny nose fast using natural ways is highly recommended for that problem. Here's the explanation.

You may be surprised when you can actually find many home remedies for runny nose problem, including.

1. Chamomile Tea

If you are a tea lover, you can try to make chamomile tea to relieve a runny nose. Chamomile tea is rich antihistamine, which is useful for relieving allergies and runny nose.

Make a cup of tea from a teaspoon of dried chamomile flowers with water and boil for a few minutes, add the honey and drink while still warm.

2. Ginger

The use of ginger for medications is effective natural ways for overcome a runny nose. You can make a drink made from ginger boiled in hot water, then add a little sugar or honey. Drink before bedtime to reduce a runny nose and congestion.

3. Pepper

Pepper work to help thin the mucus causing a runny nose and congestion. Prepare a half-teaspoon ground pepper, add warm water and consumed twice a day until a runny nose subsided.

Another way you can do is to gargle warm water mixed with a little powdered of pepper. You can also add pepper powder into your diet that can help overcome a runny nose and make your breathing relief.

4. Garlic

As the benefits of pepper, garlic aroma you are breathing and eat helps overcome a runny nose and relieve respiratory infections; it happens because garlic has natural antibiotic properties and anti-virus.

For this purpose, use garlic either internally or externally, both have the same strong efficacy in helping to stop a runny nose. Prepare four cloves of fresh garlic, crushed until into a fine paste, then wrap it with a clean cloth, breathe in the scent of garlic strongly to stop a runny nose that torment you.

The aroma of garlic helps clear mucus that accumulates in the nasal cavity causes a runny nose, use of this herb until stop a runny nose. For internal purposes, add a few cloves of garlic into the food or eat directly.

5. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil has a strong aroma to thin the mucus causing a runny nose and sneezing. It is one of the best treatment you can do to your condition naturally.

To stop a runny nose, you can set up a bowl of boiling water and take a few drops of peppermint oil and put it into the bowl. Inhale the steam which coming out of the water and covers up your head with a towel.

Let the hot steam mixed with peppermint oil helps you to thin the mucus that causes a runny nose and congestion. You may use eucalyptus oil as a replacement.


Once you know a few home remedies to stop a runny nose, you may also need to take preventive actions. Maintaining cleanliness of the environment and apply healthy diet is the first step toward a healthy body free from a runny nose.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas: Doing Effective Mini Makeover


Most home owners think that they need to do something big and grandeur to make their kitchen look different and refreshing. Well, do you know that there are some simple things that you can do in your mini makeover attempts? These kitchen remodeling ideas are simple and yet appealing and effective to create different ambiance and atmosphere into your kitchen.

Change the Cushion You probably think that chair cushion has no importance at all, but if you can change the old and worn cushions with something bold and colorful, it will create a whole lot different look. You only need little fabric and staple gun, and you can refresh the appearance of your kitchen right away. Going with contrast color is okay, but don’t overdo it. For instance, your white kitchen can look stylish with fuchsia cushion, or your blue kitchen can look fresh with yellow cushion.


Plan out Better Organization Messy drawers and cabinets can be a turn off, and you probably hate your kitchen for it. It’s time to make a simple yet effective change. Use transparent storage containers and organizers to manage the contents of your kitchen better. Not only they are good to keep the kitchen neat and well arranged, you will find the stuffs you need easily. It would be great if you can add labels to the containers, so better arrangement will be perfectly done in your kitchen. It may seem like a very simple and unimportant step, but you will be surprised to find out how effective it will turn out to be.

Create Your Own Gallery Wall If you have old and worn frames in different shapes and sizes, you can paint them in different colors. You can turn the frames into your own artistic work and place them into a specific pace on the wall, creating your own gallery.

Up-to-the-Ceiling Storage If you have unused space on the corner, you can add shelves whose height reaching the ceiling. You can place your cookbooks, kitchen accessories, or even colorful dishware there, making use of the provided extra space as well as creating stylish and handy nook.

Tweaking the Shade In case you have plain shades, you can always add up patterns and a little bit of colors to spark things up. Simply draw out a pattern with painter’s tape and use paintbrush to apply the paint. Let it dry for overnight – or until it dries off completely – before you use it. It is very simple and yet highly effective.

Consider Under-cabinet Lighting If you have attractive backsplash that is unfortunately hidden or not clearly visible, it is time to use under-cabinet lighting to brighten up the specific area. It improves your working efficiency as well as adding accents into your kitchen cabinets.

Make Sure Let the Utensils Visible To improve the attractive side of the kitchen, you can make sure that the kitchen tools are placed and arranged in plain view. Try metal shelves for cooking oils and spics, or have magnetic knife rack to provide better access and also view. This arrangement is open, good for access as well as kitchen accessories.

Unique Healthy Lunch Recipes for Work


Most people have problems when they have to fix their own healthy lunch recipes for work, since they don’t really know any tasty recipes that can elevate their mood during the day. Most people think that they have to choose between tastiness and health – and many of them aren’t really thrilled with the option of opting for healthy meals but with crappy taste.

Well, you know what? You don’t have to choose between any taste and health anymore, because now you can enjoy healthy meals for your lunch without having to worry about the taste anymore. Who says all healthy foods are crappy? With these lunch ideas, you are guaranteed to have a blast while enjoying your lunch – which will affect your mood after you finish eating them.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Options

If you don’t really like the idea of having too stuffy or heavy meals during the day, you can always choose the old school PBJ – Peanut Butter and Jelly – options. Peanut butter can actually be fulfilling and healthy – if you know how to deal with them. Moreover, there are loads of great ideas of how to fix them up, so you won’t have to worry about your sugar level anymore.


Here are some of the best and healthiest options

  • Grilled PBJ. If you are bored with the regular PBJ, why not grilling it? You can enjoy different combinations and textures with crispy outer and warm buttery on the inside. You can heat it up in the office microwave after grilling it at home, so you can still enjoy the melting peanut butter when eating it.
  • Use the waffle iron. Not many people would think about using their waffle iron for the PBJ. The result is super crunchy and warm PBJ that melts every time you take a bit on it.
  • Battered and deep fried PBJ.  For healthier options, you can use veggie or olive oil, but deep fry still results in loads of oil. But this one can satisfy your craving and guaranteed to make you full. Keep in mind, though, that it can get very stuffy with all those abundant of oils, so if you are ready to be full the whole day and probably skip dinner, this is the one for you.
  • Fun PBJ. To avoid boredom, you can tweak your PBJ and comes with different flavor ones. For instance, you can spread three different flavors on one slice of bread and other three different flavors on another slice. For bread A, you can have honey, strawberry, and peanut butter, and you can have Nutella, peanut butter, and marshmallow fluff on bread B. be creative and see how fun it gets!
  • Uncrustable PBJ. If you have a little press, you can make your own fun PBJ wit sealed pocketed result. If you want to have enjoyable mini PBJ lunch, use the cookie cutters. They are cute and highly handy!
  • Rolled up Sushi PBJ. Cut a slice of bread into several smaller forms, apply the peanut butter (as well as other accompaniments) and roll them up. They look good and tasty, and they can be great options for snacking time mini bites.
  • Banana Dog PBJ. Corn dog is tasty, but it is also high in fat and other unhealthy substances. If you want to do experiments with the peanut butter and hot dog bun, why not making banana dog, instead? Spread the peanut butter generously on the hot dog bun, top it off with banana, add strips of jelly, and have a go! You will be surprised of how yummy it is and how fulfilling it turns out to be.
  • Crackers and PBJ. If you are bored with the regular bread, use plain or sugar crackers. You can make small sandwiches for easy bite. They are tasty and quite fulfilling after several bites.
  • Fruity PBJ. If you dare enough to do experiments, you can always replace the jam or jelly with fruits. The peanut butter is perfect when paired up with cheese, grapes, or strawberries. The fruity flavors will make you fresh the whole day.
  • Unique PBJ. Do you know that peanut butter tastes good with potato chip? Yup, you can combine peanut butter with pickles and potato chip. It is unique, it is tasty, and it is healthy.

Other Alternatives

In case you want to try different recipes other than the PBSJ, there are some healthier options for you. Making them is easy and they are super healthy.

  • Ginger Sesame Soba Needle Salad.
  • You can use packaged soba noodles; if you don’t feel like making one yourself, but make sure that you follow the instructions to the letter. The noodles should be tender but not overcooked until it turns mushy.
  • Drain the noodles, dunk them in ice bath so they can reach room temperature. You can also rinse them with cool water, if your hands aren’t full.
  • Make sure there isn’t excess water.
  • Combine soy sauce, oil, brown sugar, vinegar, ginger, salt, and also garlic in a big bowl.
  • Add the noodles into the mixture of dressing, along with bell peppers, asparagus, scallions, mung bean sprouts, cilantro, and sesame seeds. Tossing it around for coating.
  • That’s it! You can have tasty and fulfilling healthy lunch right away!

If you don’t like asparagus or it is not the season, you are welcome to try other ingredients like chopped kale or shaved fennel. You can also add other veggies that you like the best, like shredded carrots, snap peas, or mushrooms.

  • Salami Cream Cheese Sandwich

Simply spread the mustard for a slice of bread, add arugula and salami. Spread the cream cheese on another slice of bread. Close it and it is ready to serve. You can prepare this bread the night before. Once you close the bread, wrap it tightly in a plastic, and refrigerate it. It doesn’t matter whether you consume it cold or hot, because it remains tasty and fresh.  

Who says preparing healthy lunch is difficult? there are tons of tasty and healthy recipes out there – you only need to choose which one you like the most.

Various Types in Choosing the Right Funny Wedding Cake Toppers


Finding and having funny wedding cake toppers is actually easier than you think. Most people think that such cake toppers require special custom or delivery before the big day, but they are very easy to find – in fact, easier than you think. You probably think that cake shops would be crazy to sell such cake toppers and they prefer selling the old school, traditional toppers. But that’s the fun in it: most cake shops understand that such funny cake toppers have their own potentials, and they are appealing to those with big sense of humor.

Coming up with Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

You probably think that the cake toppers won’t make any difference, but if you have made up your mind about creating something unique and unforgettable, this kind of cake topper will be your best option. Lots of little details will be the center of attention; after all, why not? It is your big day, and you will be the ‘main attraction’ of the day. That’s why everything you do and everything in the party will be the talk of the town. People will be talking about whether the food is superb and excellent, or crappy. They will be talking whether you have beautiful and elegant celebration, or everything is sloppily done. They will be talking whether you look beautiful or handsome, or you look like you just wake up from a crazy hangover. They will be talking whether the wedding gown is perfect or it makes you look bloated. And they certainly will be talking about the wedding cake.


Going with tall and majestic wedding cake is good and perfect, but it tends to be boring. Some couples choose the very tall wedding cake, while some are quite happy with short one. Some may be daring and bold enough to order unusual wedding cakes with uneven surface or abstract concept, while some prefer the traditional shape. The cake itself won’t be complete without the cake toppers, which will be the main attraction. Going for regular bride and groom stand side by side is good, but what’s the fun in it? If you like to appeal your humorous side and you want to entertain your guests along the way, you should go with the funny toppers. Don’t worry, these funny toppers are quite affordable and customizable. If you want to have custom order, be sure to arrange the time so everything won’t be done in a rush.

How to Choose the Funny Wedding Toppers

You probably think that choosing a funny wedding cake toppers will be easy, but wait until you have to do it and you are presented with various themes and styles. Here are some handy and helpful tips so you won’t have to struggle with difficulty during the process:

  • Decide on the types of cake you want to have. You probably think that the types of cake have nothing to do with the cake toppers, but they are highly related. For instance, if you decide to have a vanilla wedding cake, most likely you will have all white icing and decorations, which will be perfect when paired up with the regular cake topper consisting of the black tuxedo groom and white dress bride. However, if you go with orange fruit wedding cake, for instance, going with the traditional cake toppers won’t be matching. You can go with beach theme bride and groom with their brightly colored beach clothes. Feel free if you don’t want to take this step, but don’t be surprised if you see confused looks around you.
  • Discuss what kind of theme or style you want to have. Although you and your partner may be both humorous, everyone has different opinions of different element. For instance, your partner may be attracted to the funny idea of having both of you doing your favorite activities, while you may be attracted to the idea of a bride dragging the groom. Really talk about what you want to have for the top of the cake and find something in the middle that you both like.
  • If you want your cake topper to be the main attraction of the party, you should choose the right height of cake. Don’t go with too tall cake, or everyone will miss the details of the cake topper. Choose a low height if the cake is just a symbol, and the topper will definitely steal attention. Choose with a medium height is you plan on eating the cake together with your guests.
  • Prepare the time to choose the right cake topper. You should do it along with your wedding cake shopping. While browsing around for the right wedding cake, also consider the cake topper. Have a talk with the decorator; they should be able to show you what kind of designs and styles they have done. These cake shops usually have their own portfolio. If you want to have custom design, talk to them from the very beginning. Not only you should find an expert that can make the topper as you wish, you also need to make time for the whole arrangement. It is good if you are going for cake shopping around 3 to 6 months earlier, but if you want to have custom topper, make time around 8 to 9 months earlier.

You should also consider other stuffs, such as:

  • The balanced size between the cake and the topper. In some designs, the cake is somewhat bigger than the topper, and the vice versa. Besides looking ugly, it is not aesthetically symmetrical. It would be better if you can discuss with the cake shops about having demo, so you know whether they are qualified or not.
  • Your budgets. A wedding cake isn’t cheap, and if you are going to have custom cake topper, it is going to cost you extra. Plan and prepare a certain budgets for the cake only, including some additional expenses for the topper. After all, something special generally requires extra spending and expenses, although it doesn’t always mean to be costly.      

How to Start an Online Business: Initial Processes to Undergo

business collage of nine photos

Before you start rushing buying a webhost, set your website, or such thing alike, you should understand the requirements you need to start your own online business. On the contrary to what people believe, managing online business is just as difficult as the one in real life. It is business, anyway, so whether it is done online or offline doesn’t matter much. However, you are welcome to try following the steps of how to start an online business.

The Initial Steps 

The first thing you need to find what kind of items or services needed by the community and try to fill it. Most people make mistakes by trying to come up with a product and then think about the market. What you should do is the other way around: find the market first, and think about the product. You want to find a group of people who want something, but they can’t get their desires and wishes fulfilled. You want to be the one providing what they need; that’s why you should do your own research carefully and thoroughly.

Doing the research is basically easy, but you need to dedicate time and efforts during this process.

Join online forums.

Find out what questions they ask the most and what problems they are dealing with. From their needs of solution, you can come up with a great idea. • You can also do keyword research process. Make sure to choose keywords that most people are searching, and yet there are not many websites are able to meet the requirements. • You can also check on your competitors; simply to see what they have done and how their respond to the issue. You can learn from there and do better from them.

Make Use of Search Engine 

Feel free to use search engine in case you want to direct buyers into your website. After all, many people have done this before. You can try engaging PPC (Pay per Click) advertisement to direct traffic as well as helping you with keyword search. There are two perks that PPC can deliver to you: it directs traffic to your site since the ads will show up within the search engine, and it also helps you discovering the best keywords. Afterwards, you can distribute the intended keyword within your sites, helping increasing the organic search result.

business collage of nine photos

Write Promising Copies to Sell 

You can write a sales copy of how to solve a certain problem. It would be better if you can write something based on your expertise and skills. For instance, if you are good in baking, you can write tips to create perfect baking. You don’t have to write a thick copy; several pages with essential tips and info will be enough. Again, when you want your copy to succeed, you need to have the right market. Your baking tips can be intended for moms or housewives. Join in moms’ forums or cooking forums – or other places that you can think of – so your copy will be sold out immediately.