how to unblock stuffy nose

How to Get Rid of a Stuffy Nose Immediately

Have you ever felt a stuffy nose? The thing makes us like having a loss in freedom to live. Besides it will torture you, the stuffy nose also make feel of sluggish throughout the day due to lack of sleep while taking care of the nasal congestion.

Sometimes, you may have a stuffy nose just on one side, but often both nostrils may also have the clogged. When it comes to bedtime, it will make you miserable, as you will have difficulty in sleeping due to the stuffy nose.

To overcome this condition, we will give you some tips on how to get rid of a stuffy nose fast, which is considered to be effective and safe for your body, as it does not use chemical medications.

How to Get Rid of a Stuffy Nose Immediately at Home

If you need a quick way to get rid of a stuffy nose, you probably should understand firstly, about what happened when we have a stuffy nose.

We have been taught a lot, about various things behind the nasal congestion, generally we recognize the nasal congestion is a result of the snot or mucus that obstruct the nostrils.

But what happened is not entirely true. When we have a stuffy nose, there is an inflammation and dilation of blood vessels of thin layer in the nose called mucosa, while the mucus is just a side effect of the inflammation.

And also, there is another factor behind a stuffy nose such as gravity that affects the blood stream, so you’ll get a stuffy nose on the left nostril when lying to the left side and vice versa.
That was some of the things which responsible the nasal congestion, if you understand the concept, you can get rid of a stuffy nose easily.

1. Having Warm Water Shower

You certainly liked a shower with warm water, lots of good things you will get when having a warm bath, including get rid of a stuffy nose, it will act as a natural humidifier that helps thins the mucus and reduce the inflammation.

After a warm bath, you will get more relieved and normal breathing. Perform this therapy when necessary.

2. Apply Warm Compress

This method is still use the media of warm water to get rid of nasal congestion and it works from the outside. Simply soak a towel into warm water and squeeze until you have a moist towel.
Place it over the top of your face, and focus on the area around the forehead and nose. Feel the warmth of the towel spread throughout your face and get relief from a stuffy nose quickly.

3. Inhale the Hot Steam

This is another way of utilizing the hot water to get rid of a stuffy nose. The same effect will be provided by the hot steam from a bowl of hot water which is inhaled slowly through both of your nostrils.

To add the effectiveness of the treatment, use a towel to cover up the back of your head and add a few drops of eucalyptus oil.

4. Elevate the Head Position

When it comes to bedtime, you will have a hard time in breathing due to a stuffy nose, readjust your sleep position by elevating your head over the chest or having a half-sitting sleep. Use some extra pillows for this purpose.

5. Expel the Mucus

Blowing your nose is need to be done to reduce the buildup of mucus inside the nose, but you must never overdo in doing so, because it will cause the inflammation in the delicate membrane of the nose.

6. Get Lots of Drink

Drinking lots of fluids will help your body to flush out impurities and toxins that accumulate in your body, including clear the mucus and snot responsible for a stuffy nose.

You can increase your fluid intake by eating warm soup, herbal tea or warm water, which will help thin the mucus and relieve your breathing.

7. Spicy Foods

Try to consume spicy foods, because the content of capsaicin in spicy foods will to help thin the mucus causes of the nasal congestion, drink lots of water afterwards to remove the mucus.

8. Use Saline Solution

You’re lucky if you can apply a saline solution to get rid of a stuffy nose, because the salt solution will dilute the thick mucus in the nose easily.
Buy a saline solution at a drug store nearby that has been formulated for a stuffy nose issues. Spray or drop it into the nostrils where the blockage occurs.

9. Drink Decongestant (Cold Medicine)

Decongestant medicine give effect to the respiratory relief, as it works to shrink the blood vessels causing a stuffy nose.
If you have a history of severe disease, you should consult your doctor, because these drugs have side effects that increase blood pressure. Use this medication no more than three days without medical supervision.

10. Anti Allergy Medication

If you have a stuffy nose due to allergies, then use anti-allergic drugs for this purpose. Allergy medicines such as antihistamines (CTM) and steroid (dexamethasone) work by reducing the inflammation and swelling in the nose thus getting rid of a stuffy nose.

11. Use an Inhaler

Using warm balm and eucalyptus oil that is smeared around the neck, chest and near the nose will help eliminate a stuffy nose. Warm vapors inhaled works to relieve the respiratory tract.


You should apply the methods that categorized as naturally first, if your condition is not improved, you can use some medicines to relieve a stuffy nose, but on a doctor’s supervision for safety.