Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas: Doing Effective Mini Makeover

Most home owners think that they need to do something big and grandeur to make their kitchen look different and refreshing. Well, do you know that there are some simple things that you can do in your mini makeover attempts? These kitchen remodeling ideas are simple and yet appealing and effective to create different ambiance and atmosphere into your kitchen.

Change the Cushion You probably think that chair cushion has no importance at all, but if you can change the old and worn cushions with something bold and colorful, it will create a whole lot different look. You only need little fabric and staple gun, and you can refresh the appearance of your kitchen right away. Going with contrast color is okay, but don’t overdo it. For instance, your white kitchen can look stylish with fuchsia cushion, or your blue kitchen can look fresh with yellow cushion.

Plan out Better Organization Messy drawers and cabinets can be a turn off, and you probably hate your kitchen for it. It’s time to make a simple yet effective change. Use transparent storage containers and organizers to manage the contents of your kitchen better. Not only they are good to keep the kitchen neat and well arranged, you will find the stuffs you need easily. It would be great if you can add labels to the containers, so better arrangement will be perfectly done in your kitchen. It may seem like a very simple and unimportant step, but you will be surprised to find out how effective it will turn out to be.

Create Your Own Gallery Wall If you have old and worn frames in different shapes and sizes, you can paint them in different colors. You can turn the frames into your own artistic work and place them into a specific pace on the wall, creating your own gallery.

Up-to-the-Ceiling Storage If you have unused space on the corner, you can add shelves whose height reaching the ceiling. You can place your cookbooks, kitchen accessories, or even colorful dishware there, making use of the provided extra space as well as creating stylish and handy nook.

Tweaking the Shade In case you have plain shades, you can always add up patterns and a little bit of colors to spark things up. Simply draw out a pattern with painter’s tape and use paintbrush to apply the paint. Let it dry for overnight – or until it dries off completely – before you use it. It is very simple and yet highly effective.

Consider Under-cabinet Lighting If you have attractive backsplash that is unfortunately hidden or not clearly visible, it is time to use under-cabinet lighting to brighten up the specific area. It improves your working efficiency as well as adding accents into your kitchen cabinets.

Make Sure Let the Utensils Visible To improve the attractive side of the kitchen, you can make sure that the kitchen tools are placed and arranged in plain view. Try metal shelves for cooking oils and spics, or have magnetic knife rack to provide better access and also view. This arrangement is open, good for access as well as kitchen accessories.